System Event Hooks

The following is an overview of the site start-up process including the subscribable events. The following process occurs in the order it's presented in.

  1. pre-boot: Triggered at the beginning of the Site instantiation. The only thing that has happened at this point is signal creation.

  2. [ Internal pre-boot logic occurs ]

  3. pre-app-start: Triggered before the Flask application is created.

  4. [ Flask application is created, routes are registered, error handlers are registered and logging is started ]

  5. post-app-start: Triggered after the application has been created.

  6. pre-config: Triggered before the configuration is loaded.

  7. [ Config loaded and added to Flask application, theme folder is setup, meta-inf regex is compiled ]

  8. post-config: Triggered after the configuration is loaded.

  9. pre-content-scan: Triggered before the content directory is scanned.

  10. [ The content directory is scanned and pages are created for each content file, the navigation object is created and the navigation context processor is created ]

  11. post-content-scan: Triggered before the content directory is scanned.

  12. [ Internal post-boot logic occurs ]

  13. post-boot: Triggered after all site setup is complete and the application is ready to start handling requests.