Writing MDWeb Content


Site content is simply markdown formatted files. Each page on the site has it's own file and the directory structure defines the navigation.

The content files currently support standard markdown with the addition of a meta-information section at the beginning of each file which is parsed during the content scan.

Navigation Structure

Each directory under /content defines a section in the navigation structure. If a file named index.md exists in the directory it is used as the landing page for that section in the navigation. The index.md file in the root of the content directory is the "home" page. Note that the navigation template currently only supports one level of nesting, support for deeper navigation levels could easily be added by updating (overriding) the navigation template.

For example:

    |- index.md               Home page
    |- articles/
           |- index.md        Articles section landing page
           |- foo_article.md  Page located in Articles->Foo Article
    |- examples/
           |- index.md        Examples section landing page
    |- help/
           |- index.md        Help section landing page
           |- how_to.md       Page located in Help->HowTo

Content Meta Fields